Automating Away Paper+Postage for an Equestrian Assessment Tracker

The Problem: New submissions arrived on paper via the postal service, were logged and scored by hand, and stored in Microsoft Access. The database was also managed by a single person.

The Solution: Airtable was the ideal choice to facilitate multiple project goals:

  • Digitizing the submission and scoring process
  • Pushing data back into the company CRM for Customer Support to promptly address any concerns without having to ask someone for essential data
  • Displaying progress to students from the membership dashboard
Summit on Race in America screenshot

The Pieces


The first battle was converting Microsoft Access into a file type macOS could open in order to convert it to CSV. Once converted, a series of PHP scripts cleaned and aggregated the data so that it could fit within Airtable’s record limit.


Leveraging Shopify, Google Sheets, Memberium, Gravity Forms, Airtable, Infusionsoft, and Zapier, we crafted a seven step automation workflow. The automations are tailored for purchases, submissions, and processing assessments.


With all the data in one place and automations feeding the system, we pushed the essential data through Zapier to Infusionsoft. The support team have access to assessment progress at a glance as well as students through Memberium.

The Result

years of data





Airtable base

How We Built It

We had the pleasure of discussing how we built this system with BuiltOnAir’s podcast. Read more about the episode or watch the video demostration to see how we did it.