About Us: Meet The Faces Behind Deytah

Our team of three is spread across three time zones. We get asked a lot where we're located - so we put everyone's current location here!

Our Team

Grant Andrew

Based in: Durango, Colorado
Faves: Kartra, Zapier

Part technician, part storyteller, part sales guy, part project manager, Grant brings together many aspects of business experience and hundreds of successful projects involving WordPress, Infusionsoft, custom development, and unique business cases.

Melanie E Magdalena

Based in: Austin, Texas
Faves: Eleventy, Tailwind, Airtable

Equal parts coffee, creativity, and code, Melanie (or M2) comes from a B.S. in Anthropology to a life invested in understanding how people live on and experience the web. Accessibility and users come first in all her work. She also stretches no-code and her espresso machine to their limits.

Leo Lutz

Based in: Garden Grove, California
Faves: Angular, Google Cloud

Leo is a full-stack developer who understands use cases and business needs while staying immersed in the latest technical trends and best-practice web development. He has a B.S. in Computer Science and enjoys solving difficult problems with simple, elegant code.

Deytah (pronounced “data”) is creative consultancy committed to beautiful, simple solutions. Everyone you’ll work with strives for successful outcomes – yours and ours. Between the three of us, we have nearly 50 years of web development and project experience. You’ll benefit from our deep technical understanding, our passion for creating great user experiences, and our insightful approach to managing technical processes successfully.

Our 4 Question Thinking Model

Every problem starts with a pain point. Our problem-solving framework identifies your beautiful, simple solution.

What are we aligning with?

Our goal with this question is to Get Grounded. We identify whether personal values, industry norms, and/or long-term vision are the correct path.


Where is the friction?

This question helps us identify if friction is Internal, Relational, Front-end (customer-facing), Back-office (administrative), or multiple.

What is the desired user experience?

In order to build great outcomes, first you need to be able to imagine it. You can’t forget that everyone is a user. You’re one too!


What support is needed?

Great performance requires great support. Systems can be simple, but have to make it easy to do the right thing. You need to support both your product and process.